8 Smart Refrigerator Organizing Ideas You Need to Know

8 Smart Refrigerator Organizing Ideas You Need to Know

Leaving your refrigerator unorganized isn’t only a hassle, but could be dangerous as well. Food that was haphazardly stored inside could spoil faster. This can leave bacteria and molds to fester inside your fridge and make you susceptible to a number of diseases.

Organizing your fridge is a necessity.

To keep you on top of this task, here are 8 smart refrigerator organizing ideas for your kitchen.

1. Schedule your fridge-cleaning

It would be much easier to keep your fridge clean and organized if you stick to a routine. Clean it once a week so you can be sure to always have space for your leftovers and midnight purchases. Pick out which ones you need to throw out and and those that are still edible.

Smart tips: Put mats underneath the shelves. It is much easier to launder the mats than to scrub away at the stains left behind your fridge. Place plastic wrap over the mats so it’ll be easier to discard liquid mess as well. Also, if you want to clean your fridge without risking getting chemicals in your food, you can put together a cleaner made of homemade ingredients.

2. Label to save time

Always pack and seal the food shut before storing them away. Improperly packaged and loosely sealed food could expose these items to different kinds of bacteria. Exposure to the open air could also make them spoil faster than you’d expect them to.

Smart tips: Always label the food after packing and sealing them. Label what they are and when they were stored in the fridge. Have a separate “eat me” bin so you could identify which food items need to be consumed immediately. You could also write on the fridge with an easy erase marker to easily track the food items that are about to expire.

3. Mason jars over tupperwares

If it’s fruit or vegetables, mason jars beat tupperwares every time. Mason jars consume lesser space than tupperwares since they’re smaller and shorter than the latter. They also make your fridge look better on the inside.

Smart tips: Be sure to use the sure-seal mason jars.

4. Group like items together

You should never mix different food groups together. Again, this makes your food susceptible to different kinds of bacteria and could lead to faster spoilage. The vegetables go in the vegetable and fruit bin. The leftovers should be put with other leftovers, etc.

Smart tips: Lazy susans or turntables can not only help you distinguish which belongs to what type of food group, but they also help make sure you never forget anything at the back space of your fridge. You could also use bins to segregate the food groups from each other.

5. Make room for more

Try to consume as little space as you can in your fridge. You could do this by maximizing the entire space available inside the fridge. Stack tall food items such as bottles and cartons on top of each other so you can add another shelf in your fridge.

Smart tips: Repurpose the containers available at home such as six pack containers, egg cartons, and magazine holders. Your six pack containers can be used to store bottles together. Egg cartons can be used to store condiment bottles upside down so they take up less space on the fridge. Magazine holders can act as bins for bigger food items.

6. Magnets will solve everything

Apply magnets at the inside your fridge. This can help in maximizing every space available in your fridge, so it would be easier to store your food inside.

Smart tips: Use the magnets to hang your bottles at the top of your fridge. You can use the space below to store food and other items that needs refrigeration.

7. Binder clips are the future

People often have problems with stacking bottles together since they tend to slip and fall from their pyramids. You can use binders to stop your bottles from rolling over. This is especially useful for those beer bottles you want to keep cool in your fridge.

Smart tips: You can use the binder clips to tightly seal your bag containers as well.

8. Hang the bag

Like the magnet idea, you can hang your bags in the in-between spaces of the shelves or trays in your fridge. You can use the binder clips again to hang them on your shelves and trays. This will give you more space to store food items underneath it.

Smart tips: Install a pull-out unit in your fridge so you can have an easier time to hang bags inside.


Do you have more smart refrigerator organizing ideas? Let us know by commenting below!

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