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Energy Efficient Home Trends of 2016

In the previous part of this article series, we discussed the various home design options that you can choose to achieve a complete energy efficient home. Having covered design types from log homes to Efficient-manufactured homes, in this last part of the series we give you the top energy-efficient home devices and appliances of 2016. […]

What Color to Put With Lavender Wall Paint in My Bathroom?

Erica Lugbill, owner of Lugbill Designs, a high-end home remodeling interior designs firm in Chicago, shares in this video some tips in choosing the right color to put with lavender wall paint in the bathroom. It is very refreshing to see a spa-like, fresh, crisp and clean bathroom. And if right now, you are wondering […]

What Color Curtains Go With a Red Leather Sofa?

In this video, Erica Lugbill a professional Interior designer and owner of Lugbill Designs, a home remodelling and interior design firm in Chicago, shares expert tips on choosing a curtain color that goes with a red leather sofa. First of all, keep in mind that a red leather sofa is a bold piece: it takes […]

How to Choose an Accent Color for Interior Painting

In this video Erica Lugbill, owner of Lugbill Designs, a high end residential remodelling and interior design firm at Chicago, covers how to choose an accent paint color when painting your space. The first thing to evaluate is the size of the the room. Small rooms won’t work well with accent wall. Erica advised: “Painting […]

How to Draw Interior Design Plans

Here, Erica Lugbill, a professional interior designer and the owner of Lugbill Designs, Chicago’s high end residential interior design and remodelling firm, shares tips on how to draw interior design plans. With a graphing paper, triangle and pencil, she draws a 17 ft by 13 ft room. To keep the scale readable and workable, she […]

Tips on Caulking a Shower

Erica Lugbill, owner of Lugbill Designs, a residential interior design and remodelling firm in Chicago, gives us tips on caulking a shower. First, decide what caulk is best for your project. For a small job, small tube applicator would work best because it is easy to use. You can also opt to use a caulking […]

Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

  Interior design for small spaces can be challenging. In this article, Lugbill Designs give you 5 easy interior design tips for small spaces that do not compromise comfort, function and design. 1. Maximize Vertical Space Tall shelves are a good space saver but wall-mounted storage solutions are a good way to go as well. […]

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