Replacing Tired Hardwood Floors (#LugbillLanding on IG)

Over the years, I’ve had a hand in replacing countless creaky, tired, dated floors with updated, fresh varieties.  Personally, I’ve owned three homes, and one of the first things to be updated has always been the floors.  New flooring has an uncanny ability to breathe life into a home and really transform a space.


Most recently, the original red oak wood floors at #LugbillLanding were not only dark, but they were t.i.r.e.d. The 100+ year-old home had floors with spots that were basically worn to the subfloor. In other spots, you would step on them and almost fall through the floor joists.  OK – maybe that’s a bit dramatic :).   Following tradition, I knew when we signed the papers to close on the house, replacing them was at the top of my priority list.


Stepping back 6 years to our family’s previous condo, on day one, we ripped out the basic, generic factory-grade engineered wood flooring, added a plywood subfloor and installed ¾” thick red oak flooring.  The dark ebony stain that we went with was absolutely perfect for the condo.  This time around though, the space called for something different – something lighter. 


Old Condo Floors

Red Oak flooring with ebony stain


Pro Tip: The Red oak wood species is a great choice if you are looking for a medium to darker tone stain. It is a durable hardwood and stains beautifully.  However, when you try to stain red oak floors lighter, the pink tones are really prominent.


New Floors

New floors being installed in the boys’ room.


When installing new flooring, I always encourage people to ensure their flooring contractor includes a minimum of 3 onsite stain samples in their bid. Although it may not seem like it, the same exact floor stain can look completely different based on the lighting and batch of wood. For LD projects, these on-site samples are a must.


Here’s a peak at the 3 combinations I was trying to decide between:


3 Stain Colors

From Left to Right: Bona Birch 100%, Bona Birch/Sand Dune 50/50 mix, Bona Sand Dune 100% — the sample board on top was my original inspiration for color


3 Color Stains

Another view of stain colors


My favorite stain was the Bona Birch – no question. It was so beautiful, bright and fresh!  Contrary to what you’d expect (and most people have to fight against),  it isn’t always the best choice to go with their favorite stain.   Despite it being the most logical thing to do on the surface, there are almost always other variables to consider.  Here, my hesitation to go with my favorite stemmed from the notion that we plan (I know, I know, plans change) on staying in this home forever, and while you can refinish floors, it is a big investment, alongside it being an incredibly messy proposition.  The thought of trying to live through that messy, dusty upgrade with a family in tow seemed pretty overwhelming. As a result, my gut was telling me to go with a more timeless option.


I studied the samples, putting down the other finish selections and walking around the room to get a sense of the different ways the light interacted with the stains… which is a somewhat daunting experience while the whole flooring crew stares at you,  waiting for a decision so they can get on with their lives.


In the end, I went with a 50/50 mix of birch and sand dune. It felt like the perfect combination of fresh and bright, while still being warm. This color has great staying power and will go with a variety of colors as the fads cycle through over the life of the home.  Even though birch was my favorite color in the moment, I LOVE the birch/sand dune mix. It is so beautiful with the other finishes I have planned throughout the home. 


Final Stain Choice


Final Stain Choice

The final stain choice


Post-stain, I am so, so happy with the decision.  The contractor paper we had down to protect the floors while the remodel was in full swing,  just came up last week, and I absolutely adore the color.  I love how they turned out.


More updates to come.  Stay tuned!


A Closer Look into Erica’s Own Gut Rehab (#LugbillLanding on IG)

For those of you following our #lugbilllanding remodel on instagram, I wanted to provide you with a little backstory. 


I have built my career and life around creating beautiful spaces through remodeling. I’ve loved a good construction project since buying a fixer upper and rehabbing it as a college student. 


I’m addicted to the process and love watching my vision come to life. One of my favorite parts of this process (and my job) is seeing peoples’ faces when they start to see the vision that I have had in my head materialize. It is so very rewarding.


Since moving to Chicago 12 years ago, Justin and I have lived at North Beach Lofts – an amazing condo building with around 45 units, a few blocks away from Lake Michigan.  After 5 years of renting, we purchased an amazing space that had the perfect bones for what we wanted.  The day after purchasing, we had the place, minus the kitchen, completely gutted.  Over time, we slowly made it into the perfect condo and have lived there for about 6 years.


Two years ago we had our first son, Tucker.  Our second son, Remi, joined us 8 months ago, which led to us being a bit cramped in the 2 bed/2 bath space.  While we adored where we lived, it simply did not have enough space for the bountiful toys that friends and family sent our way.  So, with a sad heart, we decided to start passively looking for a new place.


We had been stalking a greystone around the corner from our current condo for over a year (close proximity to our condo was non-negotiable).  We fell in love, which was no small feat given a must have list that included:


  • Be located within a few blocks of Lake Michigan and our current condo
  • 3-4 bedrooms
  • Indoor/outdoor flow
  • A decent yard
  • An open floor plan (or the potential for one)
  • The potential for an amazing master suite
  • A pleasing exterior facade
  • The right price point
  • Ample ceiling height
  • Great natural light


After seeing the greystone once, we put in a full ask offer that was verbally accepted. We were ecstatic until the owner got cold feet and ended up holding onto the property (and putting it on the market a few more times only to remove it).   Naturally, I was so, so disappointed, as I wasted no time in sketching out my floor plan and designing this property from top to bottom in my head.  


Fast forwarding, we were in the thralls of parenthood which led us to enrolling our two year old in swim classes, where we met an amazing realtor who later became our friend.   He casually sent us listings, but nothing ever compared to the greystone we were attached to. 


That changed when he sent Justin an off-market listing at the end of 2019.  I’ll never forget Justin sending me a link to #lugbilllanding over gchat.   I think my exact response was “Let’s get in that property, I want to buy it!”. The rest is history!   


I’ve put countless hours into every detail of the home, and am so very excited to continue showing it to you over the coming weeks.  Be sure to follow @lugbilldesigns and/or follow #lugbilllanding on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date.


I hope you fall in love with this property and the construction journey as much as we have!


Checking out the new house.

2 Year old Design Assistant hard at work.

One final photo in the condo.

6 Thanksgiving Home Prep Tips to Follow

Every year, billions of people around the world anticipate the last week of November where they get to celebrate Thanksgiving. Similar to other holidays, this special occasion allows family and friends to gather and bond over meals. 

Hosting a celebration might give you stress if the day came and your home is still not ready to accommodate the guests. To prevent this from happening, here are 6 Thanksgiving home prep tips that you should remember to keep your living space occasion-ready. 


6 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving


1. Develop a Schedule and Stick to it

This is one of the most important steps that most people might neglect to do. By plotting a timeline for your Thanksgiving preparations, you get to stay on top of everything and you’d easily monitor your activities. This saves you from the stress of cramming and will make sure that you don’t leave a single item on your to-do list unchecked. 

Activities such as grocery shopping, washing linens, cleaning, decorating, table setting, and cooking should never go missing on your timetable. 

2. Plan the Table Set-up In Advance

Are you going to have a formal dining or a casual meal experience? You should decide early on so you can inform your guests. This way, you’ll also be guided in the menu planning. If you don’t want your table looking like a mess, the linen, dinnerware, chairs, and utensils need to be ready in advance and not on the morning of Thanksgiving. 

To signify the abundance of the harvest season, which is the true essence of Thanksgiving celebrations,  fruits, and floral arrangements usually serve as centerpieces. You’d often see bouquets of warm-toned rose and mums embellish the tables during Thanksgiving. Other table-setting essentials include candles, leaves, and small ropes. You can also go extra creative with crafted ‘thank you’ cards placed on the plates or tiny wreaths wrapping the utensils.  

When it comes to the themes, you can always do a quick search on the Internet to find a myriad of table setting ideas. Depending on your resources, you can always choose to go with: a metallic tablescape, bright and bold arrangement, rustic setting, and the list goes on. 

Note: Plot the seating arrangement when planning the table as well. Things such as the number of seats available and the need for children’s chairs should be considered. 

3. Don’t Cram Your Thanksgiving Menu 

Food is one of the primary reasons why people look forward to Thanksgiving. Who wouldn’t love to indulge in a roasted turkey that blends perfectly with seasoned gravy? And of course, the classic mashed potato casserole that can instantly whet your appetite just by its aroma. Other traditional dishes typically served at Thanksgiving include ham, cranberry sauce, stuffings made of fruits and vegetables, salads, rolls, apple pies, and cooked vegetable sides. 

Planning on your menu several weeks before gives you enough time to shop for groceries. Note that stocks might run out if you fail to buy your food ingredients ahead of time. For instance, the supply of gluten-free cream soups typically becomes sold out nearing the day of Thanksgiving. This also gives you an opportunity for you to watch out for store sales! This way, you’ll not only be doing your wallet some favor but also ensures that you buy everything that you need. And in case you forget an item, you’ll still have enough time to come back to the store. 

Tip: You can opt for a catering service if food preparation seems impossible given your work schedules. 

4. Organize Your Kitchen

You’d normally expect the kitchen to become crowded with added groceries and silverware during the holiday seasons.  Since this section will be the heart of your meal preparations, you certainly need to keep it in order. This way you’ll not only have a smooth flow when cooking but will make the food station easy for the guests to navigate in case they’ll be needing something. 

You can start off with cleaning and arranging the kitchen tools. These essentials will most likely include a roasting pan, carving board, baking sheets, rolling pin, aluminum foil, and more. Maximize your cabinet storage by installing drawer dividers or pull out shelves for your cabinet corners. You might even save yourself from the pain of reaching out for those pans and utensils.  

Another thing you need to prepare is the freezer. Make enough room for the dishes and leftovers. Frozen food items, such as pie crusts and rolls, should be ready ahead of time so you’ll only have the hot meals to think about on the day of Thanksgiving. 

5. Prepare Bathroom Necessities

Your visitors will most likely use the bathroom during their stay. Aside from the mandatory clean-up, you can keep it occasion-ready by having a sufficient supply of hand soaps and toilet paper for guest use. Other bathroom basics such as extra toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, floss, towels, and clothes should also be prepared. Make sure that you make the plunger available near the toilet as well.

Tip: Put some air freshener inside the bathroom to keep it fragrant and well-ventilated.  

6. Make the Living Room Cozy

The guests normally stay in the living room when they arrive so it is only important to make it clean and spacious. Ensure that the furniture, tables, cabinets, and other house items are arranged well. You can place some magazines, books, television or any form of entertainment to save your guests from boredom while waiting for the actual celebration. It would also help if you can add some quick snacks in the living room that your guests can enjoy in between meals. 

Just like Christmas and Halloween, adding decorations to beautify your home is also never a bad idea. Whether it be a centerpiece, mantel displays, wreaths, or place cards, setting up some Thanksgiving-themed props can definitely bring the holiday spirit flowing in your home.

Tip: Play some music to keep the adults entertained. On the other hand, children will certainly enjoy some playroom or coloring activities.  


It is not every day that you get to bond with your family and friends so make sure to provide a memorable experience for them on Thanksgiving. That means you need to have some immense home preparations that will make their stay worthwhile. Just remember these Thanksgiving home prep tips to keep you on top of everything and ultimately give you an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration as well. 

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7 Reasons Why Tiny Homes are Worth It

Can your whole life fit in less than 500-square feet of living space? Believe it or not, it definitely can! The benefits you’ll gain in switching to a tiny home lifestyle might even surprise you.

Tiny homes have been making headlines due to people becoming increasingly interested in living small. Gone are the days when the “bigger is better” mentality has been the norm in house planning and construction. Now, the tiny house movement begins to dominate the market, as evident in the growing demands for tiny homes. 

Are you thinking of joining the tiny house movement? Here is an infographic to give you reasons as to why living in a tiny house doesn’t leave room for regret. 

Why Tiny Homes Are Worth It Infographic

Why Tiny Homes are Worth it

You might be well aware of the trend that tiny homes have been making, especially that more and more people are taking an interest in downsizing their living space. From a myriad of benefits ranging from financial to environmental to mental and psychological aspects, living small has so much more to offer. 

What are Tiny Homes?

  • As the name suggests, tiny houses are relatively smaller in size as compared to a regular-sized house, which normally occupies around 2,500 square feet of space. With tiny homes, you’ll only need an area as small as 100 up to 400 square feet! 
  • According to the survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, more than half (63%) of the adults in Washington consider the idea of residing in tiny homes. 

Types of Tiny Homes

Depending on their features and location, tiny houses come in different types that will cater to your housing needs and desires.

  • Trailers 

The so-called “tiny houses on wheels” allow you to conveniently relocate your house across places. 

  • Treehouses

Yes, treehouses that every child dreams of can be your dream house as well! Having your house perched on trees brings you closer to nature.  

  • Houseboats and Floating Cottages

With tiny houseboats, living near or on the water is never a problem. 

  • Stationary Houses 

If you’re looking for a permanent residential house, stationary tiny houses are a perfect match for you!

What are the Advantages of Living Small?


1. Affordable 

Tiny homes are typically cheaper to build or purchase than traditional houses. Depending on the type and features, most tiny houses are more cost-efficient than regular ones in terms of amount and type of materials used, and the building methods.

2. Transportable

One of the strongest points of having a tiny house is that it can be towed to different places. Especially when you’re living in a trailer, moving has never been this easy! This special feature of a tiny house allows you to relocate closer to your work or school without breaking much sweat.

TIP: If you plan on moving frequently, trailers might be the best choice to meet your needs.

3. More Economic Freedom 

Adapting the “tiny home lifestyle” has come with a lot of financial advantages for tiny homeowners. Below are some of the ways by which you can maximize your savings and cut costs on expenses.

  • Fewer expenses

Downsizing the living space calls for minimizing the expenditures spent on appliances and material possessions. In order to fit everything in a limited area, buying smaller and less expensive appliances and devices, now becomes mandatory. 

  • Reduced Utility Costs

Electric and water consumption becomes minimal when you live in a tinier space. Smaller appliances require a lesser supply of energy. Tiny homes that utilize composting toilets also help to conserve water. 

  • Controlled buying impulses

You can steer away from your impulsive buying behaviors, putting much thought first to the space that the materials will occupy before dragging the items to the counter. 

  • Debt-free

In order to own or rent a house, most people are left with no option but to take out a mortgage and this can financially hurt in the long run. But with tiny homes, 68% of homeowners are reported to have broken free from their mortgage payments. 

  • More funds for other experiences

Did you know that 55% of tiny homeowners have more savings as compared to average Americans? Since a large chunk of your money has gone to your savings, you now have every means to allocate more funds for other experiences of your, such as travel or outings. 

4. Low-maintenance

A smaller space is unarguably easier to take care of than larger ones. With tiny houses, cleaning is way more time-saving and efficient given the small spaces homeowners need to cover. 

5. Eco-friendly

Did you know that tiny homes are considered as green homes due to their minimal impact on the environment? Several tiny homeowners have embraced the idea of a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle in a number of ways. 

Positive Environmental Impacts of Tiny Homes

  • Reduce carbon footprint 
  • Reduce the number of natural resources used in house construction
  • Conserve energy with lesser electric consumption
  • Save water with the use of composting toilets
  • Produce less pollution 
  • Construction of house using steel (normally used) contributes to the recycling process

6. Simpler Life 

Being closely associated with minimalism, tiny home living allows you to adopt a much simpler outlook in life. You’ll learn to let go of excess baggage items and trim your possessions down to the essentials. 

7. Active Lifestyle

Engaging in a tiny home lifestyle gives you the opportunity to stay active and be “out there” since living in a tiny house equates to having little things to do and maintain. 


Less is more, they say. Living in a tiny house has been proven to make such promising changes in the life of tiny homeowners. Let it work its miracles for you as well. You’ll never know, building a tiny house might open the doors for a bigger future. 

Was this article persuading enough to make you join the tiny house movement? Check out the different types and examples of tiny homes that’ll make you want to move in right away!

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Less is More: 60 Awesome Tiny Houses You’ll Want to Live In

Can you imagine surviving on just a few hundred square feet of living space? It may seem far-fetched, since you’ll need to squeeze a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room into whatever space you have. Surprisingly, there are people who handle this with style in tiny houses. 

Demand for tiny houses is on the rise for several reasons, in fact. These compact little homes often demand less resources, making them efficient and environmentally friendly. Some of them can even be towed across the country!

Curious about tiny houses yet? Take a look at these 60 houses, all coming in at 650 square feet at most. You’ll be surprised at how diverse and luxurious these homes can be despite their limited space!


60 Awesome Tiny Houses That Are Worth a Peek



There’s a certain convenience in being able to tow your home across the country with you. Check out these tiny houses on wheels!

1. Webster

Webster Design Webster Design

Image sources: Pin Oak Tiny Homes, Journal-Republican

One of the Webster’s most striking features is its 5’ octagonal window. The staircases to the lofts also happen to frame the window, which fills the house with natural light. Hard to believe that before the Webster, builder Scott Heffley had never put together a tiny house before!

Take a seat on the roll-out porch or cedar balcony, and you might forget that the Webster comes in at just 386 square feet.

2. DeeDee

DeeDee Design DeeDee Design

Image source: Tiny Living

The pastel-colored DeeDee may look small from the outside, but it uses its 400 square feet of interior space very well. It squeezes in a sofa set, a full-sized kitchen with marble counters, a bathroom with a fiberglass tub, and a queen-sized bed. The little front porch is a delightful touch, too!

Want the exact romantic look and feel from the pictures? Bantam Built (formerly Titan Tiny Homes) offers DeeDee tiny houses fully furnished!

3. Coastal Craftsman

Coastal Craftsman Design Coastal Craftsman Design

Image source: Dwell

A white interior with dark wooden accents and shiplap detailing echoes the basic design elements of a sailboat. The loft’s railings might also remind you of a boat’s deck! 

Other materials used for this stylish tiny house include reclaimed wood and concrete. For example, the little dining table in the Coastal Craftsman is made of salvaged walnut.

4. Escher


Image source: New Frontier Tiny Homes

The Escher is perfectly sized for a family of 3. One end of the gooseneck trailer can fit a king-sized bed. This tiny house also boasts of a luxurious bathroom, a smaller loft where a baby could play, and loads of storage space. Pull out the stairs to the kitchen and bedroom to reveal a foldable dining table.

Huge glass windows on both sides of the Escher allow natural light to pour into this tiny home. One of these windows can slide up if you want to bring the outdoors inside! 

5. Cornelia

Cornelia Cornelia Design

Image source: New Frontier Tiny Homes

This tiny house was originally designed for children’s author Cornelia Funke. Strategically placed windows flood the house with natural light while providing necessary privacy. One of these windows is placed in front of the writing desk, too!

The floor of the Cornelia is made of mixed wood, while its siding is made of maple.

6. Nugget

Nugget Nugget Design

Image source: Modern Tiny Living

The Nugget is small enough to be classified as a micro house. However, it packs all the features of any other top-notch RV home, including insulation and complete off-grid capability. There’s even room for a mini-fridge! Who knew that 102 square feet could be so comfortable?

7. Vantage

Vantage Vantage Design

Image source: Tiny Heirloom

You’d honestly expect a tiny house named the Vantage to provide great views all around. And it does! Three large glass windows surround the queen-sized bed on one end of this tiny house. There are more windows by the kitchen counter and on the bright red front door. Enjoy taking in the scenery around you whether you go for the 24’, 20’, or 16’ version of the Vantage.

8. Craftsman

Craftsman Craftsman Design

Image source: Tiny Heirloom

Not to be confused with the Coastal Craftsman, although this little house is just as charming. The Craftsman is cozy yet classy thanks to a white interior with beautiful wood accents. It has just enough space for a kitchen with an oven, as well as a closet housing a washing machine. 

You can opt for an additional storage loft across the king-sized bedroom loft. The front door has a small porch by default, however. Choose between 24’ and 28’ versions of the Craftsman.

9. Degsy

Degsy Degsy Design

Image source: Tiny Living by 84 Lumber

It’s just 160 square feet in size, but the Degsy makes room for necessities and a touch of luxury. A high ceiling keeps the tiny house from feeling stuffy. Meanwhile, a counter and a pair of bar stools form a compact and casual dining space. A lovely wooden interior adds both texture and warmth.

10. Bluestem

Bluestem Bluestem Design

Image source: Switchgrass Tiny Homes

Decorated in earthy tones, the 24’ Bluestem gives off a welcoming rustic vibe. A lovely kitchen, a combination washer and dryer, a full-sized bathroom, and a king-sized sleeping loft all fit into the Bluestem’s 260 square feet of space. The staircase leading to the loft doubles as storage, too.

11. Draper

Draper Draper Design

Image source: New Atlas

Don’t let the dark exterior of the 30’ Draper fool you! Behind the black corrugated metal siding is a cozy little house decked out in whitewashed pine. A full kitchen with an oven and a range hood takes up most of the interior. The U-shaped sofa nearby can convert into a 2nd bed, while the first bedroom is accessible via ladder.

The Draper’s porch can be lowered by winch, revealing a sliding door. This porch happens to be adjacent to the kitchen–perfect for little dinner parties!

12. La Tête dans les Étoiles

La Tête dans les Étoiles La Tête dans les Étoiles Design

Image source: New Atlas

This tiny house by French builder Optinid is beautiful enough at first glance. Its clean wooden finish treads the line between classic and modern. Climb into the loft bedroom, however, and you have the option of sliding the roof open! After all, “la tête dans les etoiles” translates to “head in the stars” in English.

Other stellar features include off-the-grid capabilities, such as a solar power array on the roof.

13. Denali XL

Denali XL Denali XL Design

Image source: Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Timbercraft prides itself on its lineup of luxury tiny homes. Just take a look at the Denali XL! With a cottage aesthetic, shiplap walls, and a bedroom with enough headroom to stand in, this tiny house is as comfortable as it is beautiful. 

14. Chalet

Chalet Chalet Design

Image source: Molecule Tiny Homes

Both the inside and outside of the 20’ long Chalet are easy on the eyes. This colorful cabin is built with a lovely little porch and lots of windows for admiring the outdoors. Take the stairs to the loft bedroom, and you’ll find a small door that opens into a second-floor balcony! 

15. Ébène

Ébène Ébène Design

Image source: Minimaliste Tiny Houses

For a tiny house, the Ébène is wonderfully spacious with two bedrooms and 360 square feet to move around in. Its living room can comfortably be converted into a dining area for 6. A large window opposite this area helps keep the room bright and airy. Finally, a hydronic heating floor keeps occupants warm without sacrificing too much budget.

16. The True STUDIO

The True STUDIO The True STUDIO Design

Image source: New Atlas

The True STUDIO incorporates both style and sustainability into 160 square feet of living space. Modern Dwellings in Oregon offers fully furnished tiny houses with all the modern comforts you need, from a mini-fridge to USB outlets. This tiny house can also be outfitted with off-the-grid technology, like TESLA powerwall systems, as well as an upper deck.

17. Northwest Mountaineer

Northwest Mountaineer Northwest Mountaineer Design

Image source: Tiny SMART House

The Northwest Mountaineer is mostly built from reclaimed materials for a rustic feeling. The redwood interior, for example, used to be part of a governor’s mansion. In addition, its bathroom is fitted with a jacuzzi and a cedar sauna!

18. Ascot

Ascot Ascot Design

Image source: Tiny House Building Company

The Ascot fits so much functionality into a tiny house measuring just 18’ long! It cleverly tucks its refrigerator, microwave, and washing machine into the staircase to the bedroom loft. Also, instead of handrails, it uses sleek grab bars to keep with the rest of its minimalistic decor.

19. Sportsman

Sportsman Sportsman Design

Image source: Tiny Living

This 28’ tiny house brings together the comforts of modern living and the coziness of a tiny home. However, its standout feature is a rock climbing wall! An outdoor shower and outdoor locker make this house a perfect fit for the sporty homeowner.

20. Port-a-Bach


Image source: Atelierworkshop

You’ll always be able to get your daily dose of fresh air in a tiny house like the Port-a-Bach. One of its walls opens into a porch and reveals sliding glass doors. At the same time, one end of the tiny house can be unfolded into an open-air double-deck sleeping space. The Port-a-Back also has screen systems which you can use to divide the living space into rooms or shelter the deck area.

21. Funky East Austin Rental

Funky East Austin Rental Funky East Austin Rental Design

Image source: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

The wood-and-metal exterior of this tiny home is a preview of the interior’s steampunk charm! Walk inside and you’ll see pipe fittings used as rails, a slidable barnwood wall, live edge woodwork, and a hanging couch. Can you believe that this house is just 12 feet long?

22. Dewdrop

Dewdrop Dewdrop Design

Image source: Zyl Vardos

The 18’ Dewdrop is a fine example of the high-quality craftsmanship at Zyl Vardos. Some of its features are a sofa that unfolds into a queen size bed, a round metal bathtub, and a giant Zyl Moon window that faces the kitchen. Its whimsical construction serves a double purpose, making the tiny house weatherproof in spite of wet and warm climates.

23. Big Whimsy

Big WhimsyBig Whimsy Design

Image source: Wind River Tiny Homes

Just how fancy can this adorably named tiny house be? At first glance, you’ll notice the Big Whimsy’s custom lily pad spiral stairs and penny countertop. It also has two lofts, an outdoor shower, and a Bose sound-surround system among other things. The Big Whimsy is also built with a cat walk between lofts for the pleasure of feline residents.

24. Monocle

Monocle Monocle Design

Image source: Wind River Tiny Homes

For a tiny house measuring 24’ in length, the Monocle is both roomy and luxurious. A predominantly white interior grants an airy aesthetic and the illusion of space. Accents such as brass handles and wooden furniture add texture and warmth. 

This tiny home gets its name from the giant round window that faces the luxurious bathroom. How about watching clouds float by while lounging in the Monocle’s sizable bath tub?

25. Urban Payette with Elevator Bed

Urban Payette with Elevator Bed Urban Payette with Elevator Bed Design

Image source: New Atlas

Regular versions of the Urban Payette by TruForm Tiny already have enough room for two loft bedrooms. However, you can opt for a second bed that can be raised or lowered with an elevator! It can also be hand-cranked in case of a power failure. Once the second bed is raised, you can unfold a desk underneath.

26. Gypsy Mermaid

Gypsy Mermaid Gypsy Mermaid Design

Image source: Gypsy Mermaid

The exterior of the Gypsy Mermaid immediately gives off bohemian vibes. The interior is a work of art in itself, however! Check out the detailed trim on the loft and the stylish oven that seems to have come straight out of Europe. 

The Gypsy Mermaid site has pictures of the entire construction process. As it turns out, every part of this tiny house was a labor of love.

27. Honey on the Rock

Honey on the Rock

Image source: Carpenter Owl

The intriguing Honey on the Rock was built around an antique whiskey still. There’s an exciting variety of shapes throughout this tiny house, from the concave roof to the porthole windows in the bedroom loft. Other details include copper plumbing and hand cut wood fixtures. The whole house is enclosed in a walnut exterior with cedar trim.

Take the spiral staircase to the upper deck to access a soaker tub! You can also crawl through a secret door from the bedroom straight to the tub. This door is hidden behind a large sketch of the Honey on the Rock.

28. Pequod

Pequod Design Pequod

Image source: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Named after the boat in Moby Dick, the 26’ Pequod is one of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses’ most ambitious creations so far. The wavy shape of the ceiling both maximizes headroom in the lofts and minimizes ceiling height in other areas. A plexiglass walkway connects the Pequod’s two lofted bedrooms.

29. Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret Our Little Secret Design

Image source: Beach Bliss Living

A wide wooden porch hides the wheels of this cozy, beach-themed tiny home on St. George’s Island in Florida. Its kitchen has enough room to fit a fridge, a microwave, and an oven. A pair of quiet generators feed electricity to the house’s appliances, while solar panels power the lights and electrical sockets. 

“Our Little Secret” used to have a small porch that fit just two chairs. The porch has since been expanded, making it hard to believe that this the house is built on a trailer!

30. Cozy California Retreat

Cozy California Retreat Cozy California Retreat Design

Image source: The Tiny Project

This 20’ house has an all-glass front door and a host of windows to let in natural light.  Its living room also doubles as workspace featuring three desks, one of which can be folded up. This custom-built house also has a three-foot back porch. 

Owner and builder Alek Lisefski is now selling construction plans to whoever would like to try building this cozy tiny home for themselves. Doesn’t it look like a worthwhile project?

31. The House Bus

The House Bus The House Bus Design

Image source: Tiny Home Tour

Julie and Andrew Puckett have transformed this 1900 Blue Bird school bus into a 240-square-foot home. A fully-furnished kitchen faces a luxurious couch, which doubles as a handy storage trunk. The ceiling of the bus is lined with long shelves filled with books and other belongings. 

The House Bus also features custom furniture. For one, the cupboards were all custom built by Julie’s father!


A tiny house perched on a tree can bring out any homeowner’s inner child. There aren’t any laws stating that treehouses are only for kids, after all.

32. The Listons’ Luxury Treehouse

The Listons’ Luxury Treehouse

Image source: The Telegraph

This tiny treehouse can be mistaken for a playground fixture thanks to the slide. However, a peek inside reveals cozy living space for a family of four and their pet dog! 

Steve and Jennale Liston’s treehouse in Illinois is made of repurposed and reclaimed materials. Aside from the adorable slide, other features include a sweeping Pella window, a shotgun shell case-turned-nightstand, and a 100-year-old door with a glass handle.

33. A Treehouse in Brooklyn

A Treehouse in Brooklyn

Image source: Pinterest

Alexandra Meyn’s treehouse in Brooklyn is just 48 square feet in size. It also cost just $400 to build! However, it gives off a well-worn New Orleans aesthetic, with a combination of refined and bohemian aesthetics. This little treehouse has also been strong enough to withstand blizzards and a tornado!

34. Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow

Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow

Image source:

Surrounded by lava rocks and tropical foliage, the Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow sits at the end of a 100-step stone path. Three people can comfortably stay in this 250-square-foot treehouse, which includes a full-sized bed, a kitchenette, and a bathroom.

35. Enchanted Garden Treehouse

Enchanted Garden Treehouse

Image source: House Beautiful

Dan Alexander’s 196-square-foot treehouse looks like it belongs in the middle of the woods. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s located less than half an hour away from downtown Chicago! In fact, it’s often rented out on Airbnb whenever the builder and his family aren’t using it. 

This tiny house overlooks a garden with a waterfall and a koi pond. In addition, it comes with a fireplace, a private deck, and air conditioning for a comfortable stay.

36. Raven Loft

Raven Loft Raven Loft Design

Image source: The Spruce

The 165-square-foot Raven Loft sits 16 feet off the ground, resting in a western red cedar tree. A staircase leads up to the front door and the main living space, where you can find a daybed, a kitchenette, a mini-fridge, and a composting toilet. Another set of stairs inside the house leads up to a second floor with a large bed and a higher window! 

This tiny house also sets a good example when it comes to minimizing footprints. Aside from its toilet and its induction cook plate, the house is built from reclaimed or second-hand materials.

37. Forest House 02

Forest House 02 Forest House 02 Design

Image source: D12 Design

This tiny house by Vietnamese builder D12 Design rests on two stilts to avoid disturbing existing flora and fauna. It also features an L shaped layout for a spacious look. A net surrounds a nearby tree and connects the two sections of the house, although there aren’t any details on whether the net is safe to walk on! Even without access to the net, the Forest House 02 is still very roomy, with 484 square feet at your disposal.

38. The Crib

The Crib

Image source: Broadhurst Architects

This chic tiny house takes after traditional corn cribs, from the slanted walls to the stilts underneath. It includes a sleeping loft, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen with an expandable wall. Unlike other tiny houses, the Crib can be taken down and relocated instead of transported in one piece! Once it reaches its new location, it’s just a matter of setting up this 250-square-foot structure all over again.

Houseboats and Floating Cottages

Imagine waking up on a floating paradise every single day, or gazing out at the water while sipping your morning coffee. Live in a tiny houseboat like the ones below, and this can become your reality!

39. Harbor Cottages’ Tiny Houseboat

Harbor Cottages’ Tiny Houseboat Harbor Cottages’ Tiny Houseboat Design

Image source: Harbor Cottage Houseboats

This little houseboat comes in at just 400 square feet, but it brings aboard all the comforts of home. Its main floor is so spacious that it can fit a kitchen island and have lots of room to spare. There’s also a spacious downstairs stateroom. Plus, the roofdeck has a slide, a diving board, and a hot tub for enjoying lazy afternoons along the river!

40. Le Koroc

Le Koroc Le Koroc Design

Image source: Tiny House Talk

Le Koroc by Canada-based Daigno is a sight to behold with its aluminum pontoons and rot-resistant cedar construction. Inside, you can sit down comfortably for meals before converting the dinette into a bed at night. Le Koroc also features a full bathroom in the little room adjacent to the kitchen.

It’s also possible to live off the grid on this tiny house! A solar panel on the roof is perfectly capable of running the mini-fridge in the kitchen. You can even install a greywater filter for even more eco-friendliness.

41. Sacramento River Floating Cottage

Sacramento River Floating Cottage Sacramento River Floating Cottage Design

Image source: Tiny House Talk

The Sacramento River Floating Cottage isn’t built for travel, but it still combines comfortable home living with lakeside calmness. Come aboard and you can easily forget that you’re really inside a floating cottage. Some amenities include a kitchen with a microwave and a mini-fridge, as well as ample storage for musical instruments (since one of the owners is in a band).

42. No1 Houseboat

No1 Houseboat No1 Houseboat Design

Image source: No1 Houseboat

Built in the Czech Republic, the No1 Houseboat offers sweeping sea views that make it worthy of its ambitious name. Not only does it have glass windows all around its main floor, but it also has a spacious roof deck! You can even peek at the sea from the bedroom without compromising your privacy. There are 40-foot and 47-foot-long versions of the No1 Houseboat.

43. The Shantyboat

The Shantyboat The Shantyboat Design

Image sources: A Secret History of American River People and Atlas Obscura

This is the very shantyboat piloted by Wes Modes, the brains behind A Secret History of American River People. Like traditional shantyboats, Modes’ shantyboat is made of salvaged and scavenged materials. However, it manages to house a stovetop, a few plants, and a bookcase secured with bungee cord, apart from the essentials.

44. The Exbury Egg

The Exbury Egg The Exbury Egg Design

Image source: Spud Group, Exbury Egg Tour

It’s not everyday that you’ll spot a giant wooden egg floating on the water! The Exbury Egg is designed to rise and fall with the tide. This tiny house was built to be completely self-sufficient to preserve the wildlife around it. There’s no electricity on board, in fact. According to artist Stephen Turner, a former resident of the Exbury Egg, he’d simply go to bed at sundown. Talk about a technology purge!

45. Chateau Bathtub

Chateau Bathtub Chateau Bathtub Design

Image source: Maine Home and Design

The Chateau Bathtub was originally meant to be for rent, but owners Foy and Louisa Brown decided they wanted it for themselves. This tiny house is built of pine shiplap atop a custom-made pontoon. Its lightly finished interior is a nice neutral canvas for white furniture and blue accents. Come nightfall, the couple relies on oil lamps and solar lights to move about.

Stationary Houses

A tiny house in a fixed location can be both a perfect residences and a modern work of art. Should you ever live in a house like the ones below, expect a lot of visits from curious guests!

46. Wedge


Image source: Wheelhaus

The Wedge gets its name from its sloping roof, balanced by the tapering windows underneath. These same windows and roof keep the interior airy, even if the whole building comes in at just 400 square feet. Solid surface countertops, soft close doors, top-class cabinetry, and a frameless glass shower lend the Wedge a touch of luxury.

47. Independent Kasita

Independent Kasita Independent Kasita Design

Image source: Dwell

It’s tiny, it’s smart, and it’s stackable! The standalone Kasita comes with home automation and storage in almost every nook of the house, keeping it clutter-free. It also has a built-in system to control lighting, temperature, shade, and even sound. A 10-foot glass cube on one end of the Kasita keeps the house filled with natural light. 

48. Odds and Ends’ Tiny House

Odds and Ends’ Tiny House Odds and Ends’ Tiny House Design

Image source: The Southern Illinoisan

The beauty of each tiny house built by Harley Jones lies in its familiarity. Sure, the main room with a hardwood floor serves as a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom all at once. Aside from that, it looks like somewhere you could easily drop your bags and settle down. Classic wooden cabinetry and pale-colored walls add to the timeless warmth.

49. Repurposed Garage

Repurposed Garage

Image source: Country Living

Michelle de la Vega decided to be her own contractor when she transformed her garage into a fully furnished 250-square-foot home. She sourced her building materials from industrial salvage yards to keep costs down. A lot of the furniture in her tiny house is repurposed, too! Some amenities in this garage-turned-house include a sleeping loft, a bathroom, and a wood-burning stove.

50. Ufogel

Ufogel Ufogel Design

Image source: Tiny Living

The Austrian Ufogel certainly stands out with its intriguing pentagonal shape. Step inside and you’ll be pleased to see how roomy this tiny house is! There’s a cantilevered table for eight, a spacious bedroom with a separate area for kids, and a nook with panoramic countryside views. Natural light pours in through the Ufogel’s numerous windows.

51. Custom Tiny House

Custom Tiny House

Image source: Simple Solar Homesteading

This tiny house comfortably fits a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining area, and a living area into a 14’ x 14’ space! There’s enough room for an office and a bedroom on the second floor, too. 

On top of that, this little cabin is a fine example of off-the-grid living! For one, it harnesses solar power and wind power so that you can use kitchen appliances, pump water, and charge gadgets. Full insulation also means it can be used year round.

52. A45

A45 A45 Design

Image source: Home Stratosphere

A quick look at the A45 and you can guess that it was named after the slope of its roof. This very slope allows this tiny house to reach 13’ in height! The A45 features a sleek interior revolving around the feeling of hygge. There’s also a kitchenette, a wood-burning fireplace, and a triangular floor-to-ceiling window for natural lighting.

53. Zen Tiny House

Zen Tiny House Zen Tiny House Design

Image source: Living Big in a Tiny House

This Zen-inspired tiny house blends Scandinavian and Japanese architecture. Residents walk through a Scandinavian sky blue door, which matches the carpet and the upholstery in the living room. A Zen garden in the bed loft provides privacy and calm. In addition, the high ceiling of this 23’ house prevents residents from feeling cramped up or stuffy.

54. Brick House

Brick House Brick House Design

Image source: Christia Azevedo

This 93-square-foot tiny home has a kitchen and a living room on the first floor, with a loft bedroom overhead. The combination of white paint and faded brick keeps the interior warm yet modern. Can you imagine that this 93-square-foot house used to be a simple laundry room?

55. The Shepherds Hut Retreat

The Shepherds Hut Retreat The Shepherds Hut Retreat Design

Image source: The Shepherds Hut Retreat

Each tiny house in the Shepherds Hut Retreat contains a fully functioning kitchen, a bathroom, and a cozy bed. The huts also overlook a nearby pond, which you can gaze upon from the comfort of a private deck. A fire pit keeps occupants comfortable on chilly nights. 

56. Mushroom Cabin Dome

Mushroom Cabin Dome

Image source: Thoughtfully Unraveled

The main floor of this uniquely-shaped tiny house has enough space for a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Climb into the loft bedroom and you can stare out a partial window for a view of the nearby redwoods. You might also catch sight of the hummingbirds that often visit the nearby garden.

Think you’ll crave for modern comfort during your stay at the Mushroom Dome Cabin? You’ll be able to find an LCD screen, a DVD player, a fridge, and a whole array of kitchen supplies for you to use.

57. The Shack

The Shack The Shack Design

Image source: Tiny House Swoon

Go green and live off the grid with a tiny house like the Shack. Its white walls compliment both the minimal decorations inside and the lush forest just next door. The Shack doesn’t use electricity, so you’ll be getting heat from a heat stove and collecting rainwater for your showers. This tiny house also sits on stilts to discourage any unwanted animal visitors.

58. The Painted Lady

The Painted Lady

Image source: Country Living

The Victorian-style Painted Lady is a lovely sight against the Texan landscape. Its bright exterior features six colors that seem to match the earth, grass, and sky. Inside, you’ll find a kitchen, a living room, a classic Murphy bed, and a bathroom featuring a river rock floor. Amazingly, this beautiful tiny house is almost completely made of salvaged material, from the beams to the windows to the studs!

59. Chicon House

Chicon House Chicon House Design

Image source: ICON

While most other tiny houses take months or years to put together, the Chicon House was 3D-printed in a matter of weeks! Because its concrete walls were printed in layers, the inside and outside of this tiny house feature an evenly ridged texture. Windows around the house and right under the ceiling provide the Chicon House with natural light.

The Chicon House serves as a proof of concept for convenient yet sturdy housing for disaster-prone areas. Its 3D printer, the Vulcan, is built to operate in remote areas where potable water and technical assistance are at a premium.

60. Ecocapsule

Ecocapsule Ecocapsule Design

Image source: Ecocapsule

With off-the-grid capabilities and a sleek, modern design, the Ecocapsule might as well be the tiny house of the future. Solar cells and wind turbine provide the house with electricity, while rain collection systems take care of water demands. The shape of the 120-square-foot Ecocapsule also helps occupants keep warm no matter where the house itself is located. It’s also big enough for two people to live comfortably!


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These 60 houses prove that a tiny house can be as comfortable and luxurious as a fully furnished mansion. It’s just a matter of maximizing resources you have, with eco-friendliness as a huge plus. Small-scale living also takes interior designs to new levels, thanks to the added challenge of limited space. No wonder these tiny houses are becoming popular!


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