25 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

Christmas is surely an exciting time for homeowners to decorate their homes. Houses, whether big or small can be embellished with simple or DIY Christmas ornaments. You can try nautical Christmas, classic white Christmas, rustic Barn styled Christmas or elegant winter wonderland. If you can’t seem to pull off a themed Christmas decoration, here are 25 easy Christmas decoration ideas to consider for your home.


  1. Welcome guests with an Outdoor Christmas tree

Tired of the usual holiday wreath? Display spruce or an artificial Christmas tree next to your main door.

  1. Create a Christmas Tree Wall Art

Adorn your empty wall with crafted “tree” using craft materials like yarns & papers, fabrics, washi tapes, twigs and many more.

  1. Fill your bookshelf with Gifts

If you have too many gifts under your tree, hide the books for a moment and decorate your shelves with beautifully wrapped Christmas presents.

  1. Decorate doorway or bannister with garland

The classic evergreen garland works best to adorn doorway and bannister. Hang Christmas ornaments and surround it with light strings to add some sparkle.

  1. Save Space with Christmas Boughs

For small spaces, use boughs of spruce, fir or pine branches as an alternative for a Christmas tree.

  1. Christmas Balls Centerpiece

Take out your extra fabulous shiny ball ornaments and place them on a bowl cushioned with greens or not.

  1. Pinecone Dangles

Hot glue pine cones with red ribbon and let it dangle from every cabinet door. Use it as an alternative to curtain tassel too!

  1. Faux Moss Holiday Greeting Banner

Greet your neighbors with cardboard letter cut-outs crafted with faux moss on your front door.

  1. Repurpose Wine Bottles

Make beautiful use of your old wine bottles this Christmas. Spray silver, gold or your preferred paint color. Cover with white glue up to the level of your choice and sprinkle with lots of glitters.

  1. DIY Christmas Tree Cones

On a budget? Start working on these easy DIY tree cones. Using either a poster board, light cardboard or even decorative paper, glue the paper cone in place. Cut the uneven edges so the cones would stand flat. For that final touch, wrap around your choice of ribbons, laces or feathers!

  1. Hand your guests with Christmas Treats

Transform your colorful mittens into candy holders.

  1. Hang those Stockings

Instead of buying Christmas socks, hang your stylish winter socks instead for a more personalized decor.

  1. Oversized Paper Snowflakes

Hang oversize snowflakes of your desired colors from the ceiling.

  1. Christmas Balls Wreath

Decorate your wreath with shiny ball ornaments of varying sizes. Combine matte, silvery and glittery balls together.

  1. Display Holiday Cards

Gather all your sentimental holiday greeting cards, secure them on a string and display in your home as a Christmas decoration.

  1. Family Portraits

Why not use family portraits as your Christmas tree ornaments?

  1. Fabric Ball Ornaments

Tired of the usual Christmas ball designs? Play with your favorite fabrics and cover your ball ornaments for a change. Tie it with a rubber band and hide it using shimmery ribbons.

  1. Christmas Marquee

Make a statement design with a wooden marquee & bulb letters on top of your Mantel.

  1. Rustic Crate for Gifts

Replace those stockings with wood crates under the Christmas tree.

  1. Have Fun with Christmas Pillows

Elevate your store-bought throw pillows by sewing felt cutouts or your favorite Christmas design fabric.

  1. Create a Mason Jar Snow Globe

Personalize your snow globe using mason jars.

  1. Crafty Candle Holder

Wrap your glass votive holders with Christmas themed ribbons or webbing to make a yuletide décor.

  1. Hanging Tree Limb Centerpiece

Hang a long tree limb on the ceiling above the dining table and hang Christmas ornaments for a festive vibe.

  1. Christmas Balls Window Curtain

Tie strings of Christmas ornaments like balls on the curtain rod to jazz up your curtain.

  1. Chair Back Ribbons

Embellish your dining chairs with Christmas themed ribbons with greeneries, pine-cones and cherries at the center.


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Fun Room-Painting Themes for Cream & Brown Colors

Are you in search of ideas on using cream and brown colors for your interior design? A Chicago interior designer shares some brilliant suggestions to bring dramatic improvements in your room.

Erica Lugbill, interior designer and owner of Lugbill Designs, an upscale home remodeling and interior design firm in Chicago took note of some fun room painting themes that you can try using the colors brown and cream.

These shades are classic favorites particularly in setting an interior design theme. Brown and cream complement each other and can go well with any accent color, making them versatile choices that can be used with other decors.

Brown and Cream Room Painting Ideas

For Erica, there are ways to use these hues in creating a fun theme for any room. She loves creating stripes with these colors. Here’s what the interior designer recommended:

“Do very large horizontal or vertical lines. Think like 2ft wide, 18inches wide. It’s is a very dramatic fun wall.”

Erica Lugbill cited another fun room painting theme that is especially suited for designing a kid’s room. According to the professional, brown and cream can be used to create a polka dots room design. With this, you can incorporate your kid’s favorite color such as pink, purple, blue or green into the room’s theme.  Furthermore, as their favorite colors change, their walls can still accommodate their preferences by simply adding new color accents.

See the full video, here or follow our YouTube link: https://youtu.be/KEiTQK_gV64

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6 Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

The charm of rustic interiors has taken the Internet by storm. It has that familiar and warm aura that evokes a comfortable atmosphere. If you want the same cozy feel for your kitchen, you’d be surprised to know that you don’t really have to bear the high cost of kitchen remodelling to achieve the look of this popular interior design trend.

You can get it done without breaking the bank. Below you will find 6 great kitchen design ideas that will bring the rustic vibe right into your kitchen.

1. Weathered Wooden Cabinets and Clapboard

Weathered Wooden Cabinets and Clapboard

Weathered wood and age-old stoneworks make up a quintessential rustic design. The weathered wood, chipped paints, and warm brick and stone are the basic ingredients to make a perfect homey rustic-themed kitchen.

If you don’t have an age old wood, you can DIY a weathered wood, click here to learn.

2. Tuscan Country Design

Spruce up your kitchen with vintage woodworks, warm color paints and soft floral fabric. This particular kitchen design features soft patterned fabric, heirloom wooden cupboard and white-washed walls.

3. Beautiful Stoneworks

Beautiful Stoneworks

Aside from weathered wooden furniture and cabinets, a touch of beautiful stoneworks can also make a good rustic kitchen. You can add an element of stone in your fireplace hearth or in the kitchen wall. For the countertops, you can choose quartz or granite. Matching stoneworks with wood is basically a handy way to achieve a rustic kitchen design.

4. Industrial Rustic

Industrial Rustic

A rustic kitchen design is not only for age-old homes. You can put a touch of rustic design in your modern home by thinking sleek, clean and minimalist. You can achieve a modern or industrial rustic kitchen design by pairing shiny stainless steel and rustic wood elements. Wood floors can also do great with this design, but you can also opt for polished concrete flooring. Then add a touch of accent color in your rather neutral wood colored kitchen.

5. Barn Rustic Kitchen

Barn Rustic Kitchen

You can never go wrong with dark wooden beams in your all-white kitchen. Dark hardwood beams like that in barns create a perfect contrast with your clean white kitchen design. The combination is perfect to achieve a clean, airy feel in your kitchen. Lastly, jazz up your rustic barn design with a pastel colored rag.

6. Rustic Cabin Kitchen

Rustic Cabin Kitchen

If dark hardwood looks too much for you, try a gentler wood stain like pine or white oak for your kitchen. Woods with lighter tones of brown fare well in creating a gentle warm feel in your space. This is a good choice for your ceiling, walls and floors. You can add contrast by using darker tones for your furniture and cabinetry.

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5 Essential Room Divider for Small Spaces

A good room divider for small spaces is one that does not occupy a lot of space or in case it eats up a portion of the floor area, it should at least serve multiple purposes.

Here are 5 room divider options you can consider to adopt for your home.

1. Wallpaper or Color Paints

Wallpaper or Color Paints
Left without space even for a divider? A tonal separation can do the trick. You can make an illusion of separating living areas by using different colors or texture on walls. A good contrast without compromising the unity of design is what you want to achieve here. For instance, a distinct wallpaper can signal the end of the vestibule.

2. Curtains


Image Source: Pinterest


Curtains are a handy device to physically separate areas of your home. You can easily extend curtains to separate space and have plenty of privacy, or slide them out to dismantle the division and connect living areas. Its decorative element also allows you to spruce up your space with posh fabric or subtle patterns. Lastly, installation is a breeze. You don’t need to have carpentry skills to have them

3. Pony wall

Pony Wall
One subtle way to create boundary while not compromising the flow and continuity of space is by installing a pony wall. You can make a DIY faux pony wall by using common household items or create a real one using MDF as your basic wall.

4. Open-backed bookcase

Open-backed bookcase

Image Source: Pinterest

An Open backed bookcase is multipurpose that you can use to separate space, add more storage and decorate your space. A good-sized bookcase, when placed perpendicular to the wall, is a solution to layout your space. The best choice is a tall bookcase, however, you can choose whichever you want so long as it serves the purpose you want/hope to achieve.

5. Floor Contrast

Floor Contrast

Image Source: Pinterest

Much like using contrast in wallpapers or paints, floor contrast is also an effective way to differentiate rooms in your home. Again, contrast is key to perfectly signify boundaries or division. This is best if you want to set limits but still want to preserve the continuity of the space, for instance between the kitchen and dining area.

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Home Décor Ideas Inspired by Movie Interiors

Home Décor Ideas Inspired by Movie Interiors | Chicago Interior Design Blog - Lugbill Designs

Movies provide great inspiration for home decoration. Wondering what you could adopt for your next interior design project? Here’s a lineup of the awesome movies that can give you a couple of home decor ideas that you can try.

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

What we love about it: Pastel Colors and Patterns

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Image Source: Making Space


Directed by Wes Anderson, this 2014 hit film embodies the whole of Wes Anderson’s aesthetics in directing a film. He intensively used a beautiful palette of pastel colors in the hotel interiors, while strikingly bold colors adorned the interiors of Madame D’s mansion. Classic patterns from the beaux-art, art-deco and gilded age that pair well with pastel colors were also exhibited. The play of colors and patterns made each scene look like a beautiful portrait or classic design with a storybook-like twist.

2. Amelie, 2001

What we love about it: Bold hues with good contrast


Image Source: Pinterest


Perhaps only one of the few films that did well in pairing green and red in immense saturation. This film depicts an eclectic Parisian life. Amelie’s bedroom is a celebration of eclectic design, which is made strikingly unique with the combination of a wrought-iron bed frame, quilted bed sheets & green pillows set on a red damask wallpaper with eccentric artworks. Her room is bleeding in red but the perfect balance is achieved with green and blue hues here and there.

3. The Great Gatsby, 2013

What we love about it: Aside from geometric floor patterns, the patterned design by Martin

The Great Gatsby

Image Source: Little Miss Architect.com


The film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel about the jazz age shows movie interiors awashed with lavish art-deco design and ritzy champagne accents. The movie interiors are inspired by the Art-Deco of the Roaring ‘20s which is characterized by luxurious designs. Catherine Martin, the award-winning set designer for the film, made use of geometric patterns typical during the jazz age, e.g in marquetry floor. But one thing you can adopt from the film are the velvet and cream lounge suites in Daisy’s sitting room and rugs designed by Martin.

4. Her, 2013

What we love about it: The wooden floors and huge glass window that provides skylight.


Image Source: Pinterest


The 2013 film that features a futuristic romance between man and an operating system shows a subtle twist to the future of minimalist design. The lead character’s apartment is said to characterize “an airy, friendly, colorful environment.” K.K Berret told the New York Times “It was an empty set of white walls with a beautiful skylight.” It is an expansive space of wood-furnished flooring with only a number of furniture. What will strike you the most are the huge glass windows that permit natural light to warm the space–not to mention the beautiful cityscape backdrop it provides.

5. Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

What we love about it: Monochrome palette and geometric patterns in wallpapers, fabric and rugs.

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

Image Source: Pinterest


If you want a classic black and white rendition to your home that’s not short of elegance and timeless style, you should watch Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. The film is set in the 1920s country house of legendary designer Coco Chanel. Unsurprisingly, the home décors exude the state and style of Chanel. Her signature monochromatic pallet of black, greys and white in structured patterns and soft lines are featured in her interior design The celebration of patterns, and striking contrasts of whites and blacks make this film very attractive.

6. The Help

What we love about it: Warm tones in floral patterns for fabric, wallpaper, curtains and rugs.

The Help

Image Source: Pinterest


What comfort and warmth could have been better than a southern home in the 60s. The 2011 film about a white journalist’s intrepid journey against racial segregation with the help of black nannies is set in a southern home amidst lush green fields and warm sun. The film features several homes depicting a close recreation of the 1960s decor. Pop of colors in pink, orange, greens and yellow can be seen throughout  the film. The movie interior is also awashed with floral patterns in wallpapers, curtains, and  rugs. And of course, the signature plastic furniture in fun colors are worth mentioning, too.

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8 Tips for Decorating your Home Office

Working from home comes with a lot of perks. That’s why many people have found this as a better alternative to the usual 9 to 5 job. However, along with the perks is the challenge of setting up your home office.

To help you get started, below are 10 fundamental tips for creating a pleasant and inspiring workspace.

  1. Find the Perfect Location

Are you expecting clients to visit? If yes, you’ll need a private room with ample space and enough seating to accommodate visitors. But if not, a corner nook in your living room will do.

However, it is advisable to separate the family area from your office space. You wouldn’t want your child running around yelling or crying while you work, right? You need to avoid unnecessary distractions to increase your productivity. If you can’t have a separate room for your office, you can settle with dividers.

  1. Create a Space Saving L-Setup

If you have a limited space to set up your home office, try to maximize the corner of the room. An L-shaped setup is a space saver. It maximizes the floor area and the arrangement gives you free access to the things you need at arms reach e.g copier, printer, vertical filer etc.

  1. Seek Natural Light

According to several studies, natural light greatly increases productivity. One of the most common mistakes people make when designing a home office is putting it up against the wall in a dark corner of a room. It’s good to stare at something other than your computer once in awhile. But if natural light from a window isn’t possible, make sure you have enough lighting from lamps to avoid eye strain and headaches.

  1. Add a Touch of Nature

Another way to keep your home office comfortable yet conducive for work is to add some ‘greens’ in it! There’s a wide range of potted plants you can choose to decorate your home office with. It can boosts your mood, make you feel happy, and can certainly reduce your stress levels.

  1. Hide Unsightly Wires and Cords

There are certain tricks to hide the cords and wires in your home office. First is to keep your devices close to the outlet. Second, you can use fabric cord covers to conceal the unsightly cords and wires. In your desk, use a grommet where cables and wires can pass through. You can also use wire organizers, cord winders and plastic wire covers to really keep them away from your sight.

  1. Keep Everything Ergonomic

You are most probably going to spend your whole day sitting in your office chair, so might as well invest in an ergonomic seat. A small reward for your hardworking self. When sitting, remember that your feet must rest firmly on the floor or on a footrest. Your computer screen should be at eye level or a little below to reduce eye fatigue.

  1. Add Patterns

To jazz up your space, try to use patterned fabrics for your draperies, rags, and pillows. Colors and patterns can create a lively feel inside your home office–a good choice especially for sleepy heads who want to stay active during work hours.

  1. Invest in an Efficient Storage

You’d want to maximize your space with cool storage pieces. A key to save floor space is to use vertical file folders and cabinets. Also, when choosing a storage piece, you’d want to make it accessible to you for convenience. Locked and secured storage, on the other hand, will keep your important things safe even when you’re away.

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30 Best Websites For Interior Design Inspiration

30 Websites for Interior Design

It used to be a lot more difficult to get home design inspiration.  20 years ago, inspirations had to come from magazines, furniture shops, homeware stores, and catalogs. In this digital era though, all you have to do is turn on your computer and have access the internet.  Here are 30 of our go-to websites for inspiration.


Top 30 Interior Design Blogs



  1. Houzz

If you are looking for plenty of ideas and inspirations for your home, Houzz is the best interior design website to visit. It offers images of the most coveted interior designs, that will make you want to transform your home into a similar one. They also provide local professionals that you can contact, online furniture store, and forum where you can find practical advice for your home.

Remodelista2. Remodelista

If you want a world-class inspiration for your interior design needs, you might want to check out Remodelista’s interior design website. It features numerous styling ideas for every spaces, along with its shops, and plenty of advises and decorating hacks too.

Sania Pell3. Sania Pell

The owner of this interior design website, Sania Pell, has a degree of textile design, and worked as a stylist and creative consultant for Elle Deco, The Conran Shop, and Marks & Spencer. This blog consists of invaluable tips and advice that offers more than what is available online. Moreover, the website also includes her portfolios, shop, and a compilation of her exquisite projects.

Design Squish4. Design Squish

This interior design website features photographs of eco-friendly interior art and design with a touch of retro style. Its minimalist and tranquil vibe will make you inspired to add something extraordinary in the aesthetics of your living space.

Bloesem Design5. Bloesem Design

Bloesem is a design studio founded by the Dutch graphic designer Irene Hoofs. This classy interior design website consists a mix of home-goals, handpicked home items, and curated image galleries.

Decor86. Decor8

Founded by a journalist, interior author and stylist Holly Becker, Decor8 is an interior design website that contains musings of the author such as inspiring interior ideas, DIY crafts, fresh finds on the interior market, and solutions for your home decorating needs.
Home Shopping Spy7. Home Shopping Spy

Owned by the editor of Ideal Home magazine, this interior design website provides shopping inspiration for anyone who needs stylish decorations to stuff their home. Home Shopping Spy also includes the latest trends in interior design, inspiration from the experts, and simple solutions to keep you a pleasant home.

Fine Little Day8. Fine Little Day

Fine Little Day is a Scandinavian interior blog that expresses their passion for handicrafts. Staying out of the modern approach for designing, this prefers rustic style, infused with vintage touches and cozy feeling.

Abigail Ahern9. Abigail Ahern

If you are looking for a blog containing the newest and sophisticated interiors, Abigail Ahern’s interior design website is surely worth a follow. Ahern is an interior style expert based from London, specializing in reinventing spaces and making your home look as exquisite as possible. Her blog chiefly contains before and after images, how-tos, and sourcebook.

Design*Sponge10. Design*Sponge

Design Sponge is a great source for those who want a touch of stylish contemporary living and Stateside homes. Moreover, there are also DIY, lifestyle, food and travel entries in the website.

Interior Stores

Atelier11. Atelier

Atelier’s interior design website provides inspirations suitable for homeowners who have the love for eclectic style immersed with global and cultural inspiration. Atelier includes their services, projects, and a wide selection of images for your home inspiration.

Rockett St George12. Rockett St George

Originated from UK, this interior design website is an emporium of Jane Rockett and Lucy St George’s cool crafts. It offers home accessories to wallpapers and furniture. It is a homeware website full of quirky and artistic interior finds. The website also features a look book, where you can grab some ideas for your own desire.Dwell Studio13. Dwell Studio

This is a web shop where the most coveted mid-century interior items are found. Their products are suitable for those who prefer high-end interiors. The site also have a section where users can organize their ideas, thoughts, and decorating advice to share with friends and family.

St Jude’s Fabric14. St Jude’s Fabric

The founder of the interior web shop, Angie Lewin offers premium fabrics and elegant printed items such as wallpaper and upholsteries. Also, this website features the artistic pieces of other young flourishing designers she is working with.

The Kellogg Collection15. The Kellogg Collection

This web shop features fresh looking interiors for those who enjoy the classic and homely feel. Aside from showcasing their shabby chic furniture,  The Kellogg Collection also offers lookbooks and tips for those who are in need of a simple yet elegant home inspiration.

Interior Bargain Hunters

Ikea16. Ikea Hackers

This is the best site to share creative ideas on how to modify and re purpose items found on Ikea. If you feel like you have an ability with tinkering and tweaking things into an innovative one, this site could be your main source of hacks and ideas for your home improvement.

Etsy17. Etsy

Etsy is a global online market having over 18 million customized products. It is a marketplace for artsy people to sell their crafts. You can find good items on Etsy, considering that these goodies are crafted with love and spilled with vintage touch and creativity.

Specialists Sites

Designer Pages Media18. Designer Pages Media

This website is suitable for interior designers that are looking for great products along with its manufacturers. It also provides a wide array of articles about interesting ideas for interior designing.

Little Big Bell19. Little Big Bell

Mentioning its achievement, Little Big Bell is a prestigious interiors, design, and lifestyle blog based in London which is founded by Geraldine Tan. Here, you can find professional tips, guides, and inspirations for a much stylish way of dealing with your interiors.

Lauren Liess Interiors20. Lauren Liess Interiors

Lauren Liess is an interior boutique and design studio based in Washington, DC. There are numerous articles in this blog where you can get ideas for a luxurious interior design inspiration. You can also check their portfolio for a dash of additional ingenuity.

Home Design Finds21. Home Design Finds

Home Design Finds is a web magazine that features the best architecture, furniture, interior design, lighting, and more that their team could find around the globe.

For Interior-Shopaholics

Pieces22. Pieces

This boutique based in Atlanta offers unique interior finds that are perfect for modern and elegant interior style. Their easy-to-shop site will allow you to have an easy access across all of their products.

H&M23. H&M Home

The fashion retailer also sells home interior products online. They offer a wide array of affordable pieces for all your interior decorating needs.

Rowen and Wren24. Rowen and Wren

Rowen & Wren is a web shop features textiles, ceramics, outdoor accents, and furniture which are all about refined and classic living. Scouring through this blog is worth of a daydream.

Zara Home25. Zara Home

Zara Home is another fashion shop that also sells trendy homeware online. They offer these chic yet affordable products included in their lookbooks.

Schoolhouse Electric26. Schoolhouse Electric

If you are a fan of colors and funky retro look, Schoolhouse Electric is a great source for affordable homeware, accents, and more. Check their inspirations tab for more tips and ideas. You can also find a compilation of insta-worthy photos there!

Vintage Touch


Skinflint Design27. Skinflint Design

If you’re so much into vintage lighting for your home, Skinflint Design is the perfect interior design website for you to visit. Moreover, you can check their blogs for guide and tips in lighting and buying homeware. Also, you can refer to their compilation of projects and consultancy services in case you are curious enough about their ideas and works.

One King’s Lane28. One King’s Lane

One King’s Lane is an interior web shop that will satisfy your antique addiction with the wide range of shabby chic and classic homeware options. What’s more is that they offer these finds for a great value.

Vintage Finds29. Vintage Finds

In this interior design website, you’ll find tons of tips, guides, and inspirations on how to restore and reinvent your home space. They also have a boutique that offers distinctive antique,  painted and distressed furniture, vintage pieces, and home furnishings all at an affordable price.

National Trust Treasure Hunt30. National Trust Treasure Hunt

This interior design website would be the one-stop blog for enthusiasts of history and restoration. National Trust Treasure hunt features the homes owned by the National Trust, along with its furnitures and the story behind them, and the process of restoring and preserving them. The richness of the culture and the old times is sure to hype the antique lovers.

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