Fluid Art Takes Over Modern Interior Design

Fluid Art Takes Over Modern Interior Design

Looking for a colorful yet chic way to design your living space? Try the ultra-sleek Fluid Art!

Fluid Art is the latest accessory in modern-day interior design. It is created by simply pouring paint and dripping resin on timber panels. The swirls of colours and fascinating watery effect can certainly bring life to any type of room. More importantly, Fluid Art doesn’t show any crack or fade unlike other types of artworks.

Beata Molicka, a Gold Coast artist, is a big fan of Fluid Art. Her fluid art designs began as an experimental process which eventually allowed her to create her own mixtures and designs. She was inspired by the beauty of aerial photography and satellite photos of planets and translated her ideas into fluid pieces. Most of her pieces are created with blue ocean hues and 24-carat gold accents. Beata even mentioned that her pieces are also a reflection of the environment and somehow mirrors its beauty.

The market for Fluid Art used to be mostly rectangles and squares but the demand for large circles are rapidly increasing because of its modern look and impact on the design of a room. Similarly, most of the designs are relatively bigger as the art loses its impact as it become smaller.

Monsoon Homeware is actually featuring several fluid artworks in their store by Christopher Lamb. Owner, Robyn Spratt claims that the beauty of Christopher’s fluid artwork actually reflects the aesthetic of the store and definitely bring light to the store and attract its customers and locals.

You can learn more about Fluid Art and tips on how to create and design your own through this article:


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