How to Draw Interior Design Plans

How to Draw Interior Design Plans

Here, Erica Lugbill, a professional interior designer and the owner of Lugbill Designs, Chicago’s high end residential interior design and remodelling firm, shares tips on how to draw interior design plans.

With a graphing paper, triangle and pencil, she draws a 17 ft by 13 ft room. To keep the scale readable and workable, she used 1 square per 6 inches, that makes 2 squares per foot. After scaling, she outlines the plan with triangle and pencil.

In the plan, include the windows and door openings along with door swings so you would know how it all interact with the space and the flow of the room. Then trace out the furniture onto a separate graphing paper using the same ratio with the floor plan and cut them out.

After which, you can finally place the cut-out furniture on the floor plan and arrange them the way you want it. One good thing with this technique is that there’s no erasing, the pieces are movable and you can try out several different furniture layouts.


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