Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces


Interior design for small spaces can be challenging. In this article, Lugbill Designs give you 5 easy interior design tips for small spaces that do not compromise comfort, function and design.

1. Maximize Vertical Space

Tall shelves are a good space saver but wall-mounted storage solutions are a good way to go as well. Mount on the wall anything that eats a lot of floor space.


Vertical Space

Wall mounted wine rack


2. Trick Your Eyes with Big Mirrors

A large mirror magnifies the space, giving an illusion of expansive room.

You can also:

  • Place a Mirror behind a light source such as a lamp (source)
  • Place a mirror right next to or opposite a window to give an illusion of more windows. (source)

Big Mirrors

3. Use Furniture Smartly

You don’t always have to choose small-scale pieces as your primary space-saving choice. There are full-size furniture that can work well with small rooms. As a general rule, choose one that is mobile, modular or multipurpose.

Mobile. Choose easy to move furniture in case you need to repurpose them.

Modular. These types of furniture are fantastic space saver as they are easy to install, dismantle and use in many different ways.

Multipurpose. Opt for multipurpose furniture such as sofa bed, underbed storage, staircase drawers etc.

Use Furniture Safely

4. Tear Down Walls and Demarcation

Instead of concrete walls, use screens or divider shelf and replace solid doors with glass doors. You can also divide spaces by subtly creating zones using curtain, various paint colors for walls or floor, and smartly arranged table and chair.

Tear Down Walls

5. Make Use of Lines and Colors

The rhythm produced by lines and the depth produced by colors are effective hacks to create an illusion of large space.

Using Line Patterns

  • Vertical line pattern adds height to a room.
  • Horizontal ones can make the space look spacious and wider.
  • Horizontal lines used as wallpapers are fantastic for small spaces with high ceiling.

Light vs. Dark Colors

  • Generally, light colors add a feeling of space  to a room.
  • It is rarely a choice to paint the ceiling with dark or deep colors as dark paint closes in the space.
  • Light painted walls contrasted with dark furnished floor can make a room feel bigger.

Make use of Lines and Colors

Have you tried any of the tips mentioned above? Share your experience below.
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