20 Season-Inspired Home Scents to Welcome the Holidays

20 Season-Inspired Home Scents to Welcome the Holidays

Can you smell the fresh scent of pine cones? Well, that only means Christmas is getting ready to knock just outside your door! With the holiday season just around the corner, your home definitely needs some preppin’ to kick off the long wintery nights and bright, joyful days. And the term preparation doesn’t only end in putting up eye-catching decorations, but also adding some scents in various corners of your home. 

Filling your abode with the scents of the season will give the holiday vibe a boost you might not even know you needed. And just like the ornaments, choosing a home fragrance isn’t done by guess and by gosh; you need to pick the perfect aromatics that will bring to life the mood you’re aiming to set. To help you out, we’ve laid out 20 season-inspired home scents that are sure to amp up your holidays!


20 Home Scents Perfect for the Holiday Season


1. Vanilla-Scented Candles 

Perhaps one of the most widely-used home fragrances, scented candles are perfect for setting an ambiance for relaxation. In fact, holidays often call for some glowing candles to brighten up the season. Nights falling won’t feel as dark and cold when your abode is illuminated by warm and cozy candles. 

You can choose from a plethora of scent notes, but among the top picks are vanilla-based scented candles. The velvety and creamy aroma of vanilla blends well with the warmth of melting wax, making it a luxe addition to your home this holiday. But aside from the rich and smooth vibe it elicits, a research found that a whiff of vanilla can also stimulate happy emotions. Its ability to lessen irritability is just the ideal scent you would want to spread on such a joyous season.

A great addition to the soothing smell of vanilla would be fragrances of grapefruit, lemon, or anything citrusy. If picking a single aromatic is a step you’d rather skip, you can also make a layered candle where each section gives a holiday scent variant.

Tip: In general, you should put candles in places where you spend a long time, like the living room and kitchen, since they require a bit of maintenance.    

2. Orange Pomander Balls

Fruits studded with cloves have long been used to cover up odors. In fact, during the time of the Black Death in Europe, the strong scents of pomanders of ambergris were used in attempts to combat the “bad air”. 

Orange pomander balls are probably one of the easiest home scents to make that this simple craft can be enjoyable even for children. What you’ll need is an orange (or other round citrus fruits) and just cover it with cloves. The fragrance can last for several weeks but if cured properly, they can last for months or even years. 

3. Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones

Although pinecones are considered as harbingers of fall, they also mark the transition from autumn to winter! They are often used as Christmas ornaments and items for display because of their wide availability. Level-up your decorating game this holiday with pinecones pinched with a sweet and sensuous scent of cinnamon! During Christmas, you can find premade cinnamon-scented pinecones in almost every store.  But if you want to take advantage of cones abundantly falling on the grounds of parks, neighboring properties, or even your own backyard, then it’s time to bring in the knack for some arts and crafts activity!

There’s not even a slight hint of lie if we say scented pinecones are pretty easy to make. You can search the Internet for a step-by-step DIY instructions. But if you want the quick yet on the mark guide, here’s what you should do. First, thoroughly clean and dry the pinecones. Afterward, treat them with oil-based scents. In terms of this, cinnamon oil essentials are commonly preferred. You can also use ground cinnamon if you don’t have the resources. 

The dreamy blend of sweet and spice can make any space cozy, and the inviting scent lingers through the fall and winter seasons. Not only that, a whiff of cinnamon can also boost the brain functions, as backed by studies from Wheeling Jesuit University. 

4. Fragrant Wreaths 

Who says decorations are only meant to please the eyes? Fragrant Christmas wreaths beg to disagree. This holiday, you can craft a customized wreath that looks and smells nice! What’s even better is that they are easy to hang in windows and doors so you can welcome guests with the holiday fragrance as soon as they step inside. 

If classics are your cup of tea, you can go for boughs of fresh evergreen added with artificial berries. Or you can also bring the calming effect of lavender perfect in your bathroom and dresser. Truth is, the list goes on! People are now becoming extra creative with their embellishments and you might want to check out these suggestions for your scented wreaths as well. 

Aromatics to Jazz Up Your Christmas Wreaths

    • Seasonal Florals
    • Sage
    • Overflowing Rosemary
    • Fresh Eucalyptus
    • Dried Lemon

5. Apple-Scented Bird Ornaments

It’s already known fact that ornaments can bring beauty to every Christmas tree. But did you know that there are some decorations that can also enhance the fragrance of your home? For instance, the glittery gingerbread birds added with the aromas of apple or cinnamon doesn’t only jazz up the adorned tree but also appeals to the sense of smell.  

6. Fragrant Fire Starters

The holiday season is just around the corner and you’re probably expecting the chilly nights to come creeping inside your home. Setting up the fireplace doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it? While you’re enjoying some good read or indulging in a hot sip in front of the fire, you might want to build up the ambiance and complement the room with aromatic fire starters. 

There are ready-made wax fire starters available for purchase but you can also choose to do-it-yourself! All you need is a wax (such as beeswax), cotton wicks, and your preferred scents. But if you want to take the quick and easy lane, you can simply wrap the fragrant essentials in the newspaper twined by a rope. 

What’s more important is the mood you wish to set. If you’re aiming for a feminine floral vibe, you can use bay leaves, flower buds, or cinnamon sticks. You can also opt for a citrus appeal filled with lemon slices, orange peels, and eucalyptus. 

7. Peppermint Room Sprays

Just a few spritzes of peppermint room sprays can already send echoes of wintery holidays. The cool and freshness that they bring is already a familiar scent of the season.  But apart from the energizing aromas of menthol, peppermint room sprays can also benefit your brain. One study found a positive correlation between smelling the hybrid mint and cognitive performance. And if you’re feeling a bit under the weather this cold season, these room sprays will also do wonders for your stuffy nasal. The scent of mint can trick your brain into thinking that it alleviates the clogged nose. 

You can use these room sprays to neutralize poor air quality in the bathrooms, kitchens, and closets. However, since they are easy fixes, the fragrance also dissipates quickly. 

8. Mulled Wine

Let the merry scents pour in every corner of your home with an easy-to-make mulled wine that never fails to spread the holiday cheer!. You can either boil the wine or use the slow Crock-Pot simmer method. Just don’t forget to add your favorite homey scent recipe to keep the joyful spirit burning. 

9. Holiday Incense

Derived from the Latin word “to burn”, incense is a material that releases fragrance when burned. Its origins can be traced in antiquity; back when Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks used it to perform religious rituals. Up until today, some cultures believe in the power of incense to cast away dark spirits, evils, and demons. 

Typically, incense has a plant-based aroma of barks, roots, seeds, and flowers. During the holidays, variants of incense can expand to fruity scents like cherry, strawberry, orange or even the vanilla sugar cookie smell of Christmas.  

10. Grapefruit Diffuser 

If you want the aroma to linger in your home, then diffusers are your best bet. Diffusers basically have a liquid fragrance that seeps up through sticks to dissipate a long-lasting scent. They have many variations when it comes to smell but if you want the sweet yet elegant notes to permeate through your space, grapefruit diffusers won’t disappoint. They can turn a dull area into a bright and airy place. With grapefruit diffusers, you can always count on sweet-smelling space round the clock.

Since diffusers are flameless, they are much safer than candles. Also available in the market are reed diffusers which do not require electricity. The ideal place for them would be near air conditioners or ventilating systems as they diffuse scented particles through moving air.

Did you know? The first versions of diffusers were discovered by Italians using uncooked pasta sticks and olive oil. This paved the way for the invention of modern-day diffusers. 

11. Sweetgrass Smudge Sticks

The act of smudging stems from sacred traditions and elemental roots. It is performed through burning herbs as these plants are believed to signify the ability of fire to transform the physical form into a smoke form or the spirit world form. Sweetgrass, also called holy grass, vanilla grass, bison grass or buffalo grass, is considered sacred and can cleanse spaces and objects. It has a vanilla-like aroma; although to some, the scent resembles more of a freshly mowed lawn. 

Sweetgrass smudge sticks are said to promote happiness and positivity, which are the energies that the Christmas season creates. This claim is not only based on cultural beliefs but scent researchers have also discovered that a newly-mowed lawn releases chemicals that promotes joyful and relaxed feelings. 

12. Pine-Scented Sachet

Keep your living space smelling like fresh-cut pine trees with scented Christmas sachets! The process of making them isn’t burdensome and neither will you have trouble looking for materials since you can use recyclable materials as wrappers or sachets. Simply collect bags of your preferred size, place the scent essentials inside and close the sachet by sewing. Another good thing is, these pine-scented sachets can go beyond the purpose of spreading aroma around the room because you can also give them as Christmas presents! Awesome, isn’t it? 

Tip: You can use the fallen needles from Christmas trees in enclosing the bags.  

13. Olive Liquid Candle 

Want to give your candle some drops of personal touch? Make customized scented candles using an ingredient that’s readily available in your kitchen – olive oil. You might already be well-aware of the benefits that this oil can bring to your health. Including this crown jewel of the Mediterranean diet in the dishes is good for the heart and reduces the risks of stroke. But aside from that, The New York Times reported that the benefits of olive oil lies in its aroma. Its scent showed positive effects on blood sugar response and heightening of a person’s satiety after eating. 

To make the liquid candle, prepare a jar, lantern wick,  and olive oil. Depending on the ambiance that you wish to create, you can also include other aromatics like cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, or oranges. These delicious-smelling candles are way cheaper than wax versions and can also be used as decorative pieces. 

14. Vintage Tin Candles

Wanna cut down on decor costs and light up some home-made candles? You might want to try making some DIY vintage tin candles. All you need to do is scrounge up some beeswax, old tin cans, and some wicks. Add in your desired scents and you have yourself a more eco-friendly alternative for an aromatic household.

15. Stovetop Lemon and Rosemary

You are left with no reason to not enhance the fragrance of your home when you can refer to simple methods like this one. Also called as potpourri, stovetop home scents can be made through a no-sweat process called concoction. Just mix sliced lemons with rosemary in a stovetop to give your home that fresh holiday kick! 

Apart from their pleasing aroma, these two main ingredients also carry health and cognitive benefits. Perhaps you already know the not-so-secret antiviral and antibacterial properties of lemons. These boost your body’s immune system and help maintain good circulation. Lemon also has calming effects that can instantly lift the mood whenever you are feeling mad or a bit ho-hum. Meanwhile, rosemary can alleviate both mental and physical exhaustion. 

16. Floral Potpourri

If you want a more feminine aroma around your house, a floral potpourri could be what you’re looking for. A potpourri is a collection of dried plant matter that are naturally fragrant. In this case, you can opt to buy ones that are made up predominantly of flower petals. This is a more sustainable alternative to keeping freshly-cut flowers around as the scent from a potpourri can last from two months to a year, depending on how you keep it. It’s basically like having a walk at a lush garden filled with blossoms of lovely lavender and roses. The difference is, you don’t have to take a step aside to experience this since you can create the same scent journey inside your living space. 

17. Scented Wood

If simple-looking air fresheners don’t quite hit the spot, then maybe slices of scented wood are a bit more up your alley. These rustic pieces of perfumed decor are especially fitting during the colder months. You can choose from a variety of popular scents such as pine or cedar to make your abode smell and look like a winter getaway cabin.

18. Dried Fruits and Spices Potpourri

This holiday, achieving a fresh get-up-and-go energy in your home isn’t far-fetched with dried fruits and spices sitting around in a bowl. Just like any other potpourri, all you have to do is slice and dehydrate the desired spices, whether it be lemon, cinnamon or cloves. Mix them in a container and you’re on your way to embracing a zesty holiday around the home!

19. Seasonal Essential Oils

If you want to embrace the season’s spirit without having to break much sweat, then essential oils 

will work well for you. Simply choose your favorites, open the bottle and diffuse the aromatic oils in your home! A sweet and spicy blend is never a bad choice for a merry holiday. Cinnamon, coriander, peppermint, pure spice, nutmeg and ginger all belong to this fragrance family. You can even sprinkle the scents in your home decors. Imagine having to sit beside a Christmas tree that smells like peppermint or having to read a book with a fireplace that breathes smokes of cinnamon scents. Wouldn’t it be a heavenly holiday straight from the bottle?

20. Cranberry Air-Fresheners

Ofcourse, who would forget the go-to home scent that needs no season to stay trendy? Air-fresheners are never a bad idea if you’re on the lookout for widely-available yet low maintenance fragrance! You’ll never run out of options as there are a plethora of scent flavors that you can choose from. But for this particular season, we must say the crown belongs to cranberry air-fresheners! Nothing beats the sweet holiday aroma of cranberry, just enough to complement the Christmas tree ornaments as you take a lazy afternoon chill in the living room couch. 

Tip: If DIY projects are your thing, you can also create your own air fresheners at home


Find the Perfect Scent for Every Room


Kitchen and Dining Area

Places where food preparations and serving happen only calls for fragrant notes of citrus. Instead of strong scents that might overpower the food aroma, go for fruit-based touches like orange, lemon, bergamot, and lime. Not only do they create a refreshing atmosphere, but they also cut through the savory smells brought by cooking. 


If there’s a place where you should put fragrances that promote a relaxing and calming feeling, that should definitely be your bedroom. After all, this is where you spend the time to sleep and rest after a long tiring day. You might want to foster a laid-back environment by incorporating the smell of lavender, jasmine, rose, chamomile, cypress or sandalwood to the room. These types of scents are proven to help with anxieties and relieve stress. The floral-based notes also amplify the romantic vibe and the woody fragrances give freshness to your bedroom.


Want some productivity boost in your office? Spicy-based fragrances do the trick! Research reveals that perky scents like peppermints, eucalyptus, or even citrus can make you more alert and focused. In fact, a study at Northumbria University showed that cognitive performance can be improved through exposure to lemon balm.

Other scents ideal for the office includes cardamon, spice, patchouli or vetiver notes. They all reduce anxiety and fatigue, all the while holding distractions at bay. 


The bathroom always needs some refreshing touches. Hints of fruit scents like apricot, peach, apple, and fig are your best bet in bringing the spa-like environment in your bathroom.  

Living Room 

If you want to make your living room a comfortable space where your guests or the whole family can spend a relaxing afternoon, you should opt for soft and sweet fragrances. The punch of floral and woody scents are perfect for unwinding moments. You might also want to try adding the creamy appeal of vanilla along with cedarwood or sandalwood. 

Tip: Use strong scents for bigger living rooms so to make the fragrant particles reach every corner of the room. 


You probably can’t deny, holidays won’t be complete without the scents of the season filling the corners of your home. Try out these home scents that are sure to create a cozy atmosphere, perfect in spreading the merry spirit of Christmas! But keeping your home fresh and sweet-smelling shouldn’t only be done during the holidays, your living space needs its regular home maintenance all year-round and part of that is making sure it’s always fragrant and odor-free. 

Want to customize your home design to make it cozy throughout all the seasons? Check out our services to learn more!

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