How Do I Choose an Accent Wall Color for Interior Painting?

In this video, Erica Lugbill, owner of Lugbill Designs–a high-end residential remodeling and interior design firm in Chicago–covers some tips on how you can pick a color for your accent wall.

Before anything else, the first thing to evaluate is the size of your room. Erica said that if your space is small you may not want to choose an accent wall. In this case, an accent wall will break the flow of your limited space and can make the whole room feel smaller.

Likewise, if your space is large enough, look at the main color of your walls. The undertones will guide you through selecting the perfect accent color. For instance, if the walls have grey undertones, look at your color deck and choose colors with the same undertones. And if your wall colors have a more brown undertone, then go to warmer colors.

Erica advises: “the trick is to not have too crazy or wild of a color.” You want to choose a color that can work with the main wall color of your space.

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How to Choose an Accent Color for Interior Painting

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In this video Erica Lugbill, owner of Lugbill Designs, a high end residential remodelling and interior design firm at Chicago, covers how to choose an accent paint color when painting your space.

The first thing to evaluate is the size of the the room. Small rooms won’t work well with accent wall. Erica advised: “Painting an accent wall can kind of chop up the space and make the room smaller.”

If the space is large enough, then, look for the undertone. For instance, Erica presented paint colors with grey undertone. Check your paint deck and pair it with colors with the same undertone. And if your wall has a brown undertone, look for the warmer spectrum that has the same brown undertone.

The trick is to not have loud or too wild of a color. “You want something that will work well with the main wall color within your space.”

The accent color that you will choose can make or break your interior design. Take it from the expert so you can make use of the colors that can bring tremendous improvements in your space.

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