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9 Shelving Ideas to Free Up Your Space

9 Shelving Ideas to Free Up Your Space

How do you turn a blank wall into a useful one? Simple–install a shelf system. This wall piece, or a furniture as you may call it, can be as beautiful as it is functional. There >> Read More

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Choosing Paint to Hide Wall Imperfections: Video

[caption id="attachment_528" align="alignleft" width="220"] Choosing a paint that hides imperfections is always a good choice.[/caption]
Today, I’m going to be covering what kind of paint to choose when you’re trying to hide a blemish in the wall. The best paint is always…

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Chicago Apartment Design Tips

So many of us find ourselves in the same decorating boat – a home filled with a few family heirlooms, flea market or tag sale finds, and maybe even one or two treasures from a successful dumpster dive. You love them all, but how do you combine high and low design pieces to create a […]

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